The site of a Bed & Breakfast in south Burgundy                   



Sentence to think about :  
The place  where we live
is also called "the small Switzerland

  Josiane et Robert

Sentence to think about :  
It is necessary to try hard to be young as a beaujolais
and to age one as a burgundy

  Proverb Burgundian

Sentence to think about :  
Who drinks of Meursault,
saw nor dies silly
Proverb Burgundian
Sentence to think about :  
In spite of Pommard and in Meursault,
it is always highest Volnay
Proverb Burgundian


Methods of payment which we accept :

Chèques, money, checks vacation. No credit card.

A bill is issued to you if you want.

* it For a reservation of 3 nights, a drink dinatoire is given during the third day.


1 pers.

2 pers.

3 pers.

Add. Pers.





35 euros

52 euros

73 euros

21 euros

22 euros

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